last updated: 06/02/2023
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Dear Visitors,
It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to our Web site - thank you for your interest.

I invite you to visit the different sections we have organised to give you a detailed picture of the footwear system on the Brenta Riviera, the area between Padua and Venice, and in the Veneto region as a whole.
Our trade association and its member consortiums operate in many different contexts in their mission to serve the footwear manufacturers of the Brenta Riviera and the Veneto region.
The majority of them are small-medium sized firms which, via a group approach, have achieved and continue to achieve success on the world markets, offering high quality footwear characterised by constantly updated avant-garde design, always attuned to the latest fashions, and fine "Made in Italy" workmanship. Of course, the ideal way of assessing the quality of our shoes is to try them on your feet but if this is not possible, other indicators can be helpful such as statistics and information on the world designer labels that come to the Brenta Riviera to have their footwear collections created and produced.

Thank you again for choosing our site and I hope you enjoy your visit.
Gilberto Ballin Chairman